Under the cloak of COVID - Investigation Book - E-BOOK ENGLISH Version – Sotto il Mantello COVID

Under the cloak of COVID - Investigation Book - E-BOOK ENGLISH Version

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After the success achieved in Italy and Europe, the new COVID Investigation Book is also available in the USA

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How many times have you asked yourself why nothing has changed since the outbreak of the pandemic?

Why is there still a cry for help in the streets of the world today?

Will the search for truth ever deny the gravity of what we have lived in?

Reading the investigation you will discover:

✅ The research on the vaccine, the treatments disovered and then hidden.
 The Pfizer Plot - Bill Gates - Trump Vs Biden
✅ The reasons why home care was opposed.
✅ The role of the strong powers - the Great Reset theory.
✅ Why virologists and experts have been popular on TV and talk-shows for over a year.
✅ Bill Gates and the conspiracy theories around Event 201.

By reading the investigation, like an investigator who examines the documents  we are going to show, you will be enveloped by the most hidden and dark side of the human soul, dictated by the desire of power and money; you are going to discover the origins of the virus, the research on the vaccine, the reasons why in Italy there was an opposition to home care instead of "a watchful wait". We will show you TV contracts of virologists and experts who have been depopulating on TV and talk-shows for over a year, the role of event and communications agencies that represent them as real TV stars.

The investigation you will read does not deny the pandemic existence of the virus, but on the contrary, it nurtures deep respect for the pain caused. However, it cannot ignore the background for which, as the history of every great war teaches us, the hand of man through his wicked choices, kills more than the virus itself.

What lies beneath the dark cloak of the covid-19  will be revealed to you in this Inquiry Book.