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  • Quel che ci libera dal peso è il respiro. Nel respiro non abbiamo più peso, siamo spinti in volo al di là della forza di gravità. (Giorgio Agamben)

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Very Interesting Reading

Everyone should read it, especially young people. The source of each news or statement is reported. Synthetic, smooth, straight to the point, documented. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​what is really happening.

Francesca Oliverio

The book Investigation that opens your eyes

I found the survey very valid to provide an overview of many critical issues of today's society and of the one that awaits us in the near future. If you only think about the plots behind it, this book opens your eyes to some things we still don't know.

Pierpaolo Suraci

Truth and Conspiracy

After reading this book, you get the feeling that the Great Reset is now an unavoidable reality from which the citizen cannot substantially escape.
The answers we are looking for are all in this wonderful book.

Angela Santini